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Photo: Ms B Ebbrell

Photo: Ms B Ebbrell

1:st Cac on a national dogshow Nov-18

Ffansi (Ffansi is Welsh for Fancy)

Shedan Fancy Dancer

DOB: December 18, 2017

Height: 33 cm

Our first lady in the Kennel!


Ffansi is a fun and energetic girl with a great self-esteem. She loves people and has a positive attitude to everything. She and her 4 littermates were very extrovert and socialized and she is just that. Very funny, always up for it, and very sociable. She has won her forst CAC on East Swedish Terrier Club Nov 2018!

We have started a new blog, look for her under her category "Ffansi". Link


Ffansi är en rolig och busig tjej med energi och skinn på näsan. Hon älskar folk och är positivt inställd på det mesta. Hon och hennes 4 kullsyskon var sociala och extroverta redan från början, och det håller i sig. En härlig tjej med mycket fart i. Hon vann sitt första CERT på Östsvenska Terrierklubbens utställning i Nov 2018.

Vi har startat en ny blog, leta efter henne genom att välja kategori "Ffansi". Länk


Ffansi is 8 months old on the upper pic,

and 15/12 w old on the 3 lower.

Här är Ffansi 8 mån på övre fotot och

15/12 veckor på de tre lägre.




Clear (puppy test)


BAER test ok (puppy test)


---will be done:12 mth--

vWD, JDCM, Xanthinuria

---will be tested later--


Inbreeding: o.o %

(based on 4 generations)



CH Saint Lazar's Lance (USA)

USCH Saint Lazar's Ace Ventura //

Forest Grove Sara of St. Lazar


USCH Spiceisle In The Still Of The Night at Sharex (USA)





CH Spiceisle Siren Song (USA)

USCH Rowdy Rebel //

USCH Rosewood Big Time

CH Ariane One For The Future

Patellar Luxation: o/o






CH Manyork Matt Black

CH Juleko Henry James at Amalek //

Eburacum Elizabeth


Randallcarr Sugar n' Spice at Ariane





CH Amalek True Love at Randallcarr

CH Juleko Henry James at Amalek //

CH Amalek High Society







Sharex Dragons Victory

Brynlythe Dragonheart By Sharex //

Randallcarr Calamity Jane By Sharex


Nopsannallen Uli Uljas at Ariane (Exp. England)





Nopsanallen Rich Rebecca

(*Genetically: Must be treated like a carrier of PRA and Cataract. Next generation may be carrier or clear.)

FINLAND 2011 eye examination: no evidence of inherited eye diseases

2009 patellar luxation: 0/0

2009 heart auscultation: no heart murmur

FINCH Saint Lazar's Nopsannallen King (USA) FIN 2011 eye examination: no evidence of inherited eye diseases //

FINCH Nopsannallen Kyllikki Sade

FIN 2010 eye examination:

- Posterior polar cataract : found

- PRA : found *

- Vitreus degeneration : found

Ariane Her Clame To Fame For Shedan






CH Sharex Mighty Morgan

CH Manyork Matt Black //

Reeberrich Tea at Sharex


Debrita Delia at Ariane





USCH Poricias Chocolate Elcair V. Debrita (USA)

USCH Pride's Box of Chocolates (USA) //

USCH Poricias Kept Promise of Secrets (USA)

* PRA and Catarcts are recessively inherited Eye-diseases. An affected dog has 2 copies of the gene and it's offpring must all be Carriers. Grandchildren may or may not be Carriers - impossible to know because there is currently no DNA-test available. To be a carrier is harmless to the dog. It can not develop the disease. If 2 carriers are mated on the other hand, statistically 25% will have 2 copies of the gene- leading to disease, 5o% will be carriers and 25% will be clear.


In this Case: Ffansi may or may not be a carrier of 1 gene, therefore the affected dogs in the pedigree must not be doubled in future matings. No inbreeding must be done with "Nopsannallen Rich Rebecca" nor her parents or grandparents.

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